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It was time to slow things down

I started Slow Fashion Diary after finding myself being over consumed, and participating in a fast fashion cycle. After learning the devastating realities of how a majority of fashion is produced, I knew I needed to do something. I created Slow Fashion Diary because I want to anchor us in quality basics so we can begin to reconnect to our personal style and take a stand against mass produced fashion trends. I knew if I was going to contribute to fashion, I wanted to be sure that there is transparency in the process; the fabrics would be organically produced and the seamstresses would be paid above minimum wage and it would celebrate personal style.- Jennifer Piper, Founder

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On a Mission to Change Fashion

We are on a mission to celebrate personal style. By delivering quality fashion basics, we are slowing down and reconnecting the individual to personal style. The clothes are not mass produced, but made for each individual. We think of this as a blank canvas for each individual explore fashion creatively with. We utilize organic and upcycled materials. We pay our seamstress $20 per hour ( and ideally even more in the future). We offer custom sizing. We utilize preloved and vintage clothing to support personal style discovery. Each item designed to be eventually returned to Slow Fashion Diary to be upcycled, or recycled. So come slow down, and embrace this new wave of fashion. 

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I wanted to create a personal fashion experience

About the Founder


founder jennifer piper with grey cropped thsirt and jeans

Raised in the Bay Area, CA., growing up, fashion was always a tangible path of creative expression. After attending college at UCSB, Jennifer made her way down the coast working briefly in Los Angeles and eventually making her home in Encinitas, CA. She educated herself on the undeniable truths of the horrors of the fashion industry and its negative impacts. Combining her passion of Community, Nature and Fashion, she made a vow to build a Slow Fashion Community. Over the years, she curated a unique collection of preloved and vintage fashion that reflects her commitment to Slow Fashion. She is obsessed with vintage clothing  and passionate for supporting emerging indie brands that are focused on ethical and sustainable practices. Her fashion designs are inspired by her dedication to a slow and intentional lifestyle and her love for the ritual of getting dressed. Her vision for Slow Fashion Diary is to serve as a much needed fashion platform that will dismantle the limiting constructs of the fashion industry today.

She believes we are beautiful as we are. No longer accepting force-fed fashion and the undertones of not being enough. She is here to say you are enough, together lets amplify your beauty and share what makes each and one of us special. No more smoke and mirrors of attempts of a change, but dedication to real action. She believes the use personal style discovery will change the ritual of getting dressed. She believes we are moving towards a radical shift and it will be our experiences with fashion and a slow fashion lifestyle that will help connect us to the community we want to belong.  She wants to support those who are genuine, real, and dedicated to doing the work. With each purchase we make we have power. She is dedicated to community give back and amplifying voices of those who may have been unheard in the traditional fashion world. This is the time to shine.


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